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Costão do Santinho Resort

The conference venue, six times awarded Best Brazilian, Costão do Santinho Resort (www.costao.com.br) offers different types of accomodation from apartments to villas, all of them comfortable, modern and private.

Many activities are available from hiking in the Hotel Natural Reserve across lagoons and streams, to magnificent archeological museums, to sports and nautical activities at its Marina, beach and several swimming pools.

Nightlife and kids & teens actvities are also available at the hotel.

The City

City to visit the whole year, Florianópolis, or Floripa as it is known by the more intimate is the fate of all. Today is considered the capital with better quality of life in Brazil. Each region has its own island sightseeing tour with postcards unforgettable. There are approximately 42 beaches, dunes, waterfalls, hot springs, lakes and beautiful mountains. The city has an excellent infrastructure to receive all kind of attractions for visitors and whole family. The nightlife happens in various parts of the island and varied cuisine pleases the most discerning palates.

Known as the Magic Island, the capital of Santa Catarina is beautiful, sophisticated and unique, it attracts Brazilian and foreign tourists from various parts of the world to admire the exuberance of its 100 beaches, and historical sights and monuments that form part of your beauty.

In the center is concentrated most of the infrastructure and non-natural sights of the city of Florianopolis. Hotels, bars, restaurants, old homes belonging the National Heritage, the great Public Market built in 1898, squares, museums and theaters that have the island?s history. The Bridge Hercílio Luz built in 1926 to make the connection between the island and the mainland, is the postcard of the city; gigantic and wonderful; enchants its structure both day and night. In November XV Square, the large fig tree centennial year of 1871 is shade for their contemplators.

Florianópolis is a center of international tourism, which combines comfort and luxury with lots of nature and beautiful beaches. For all that the city has to offer, number of tourists visiting the capital of Santa Catarina, is growing every year, a good sign that here are worth.


Florianópolis presents climatic characteristics inherent to the south coast of Brazil. The seasons are well characterized, well-defined summer and winter, with autumn and spring characteristics. The rainfall is significant and well distributed throughout the year.

Spend a few days in Florianopolis even in low season, is an unforgettable experience. The landscapes, already so beautiful, are even more stunning with the sun?s magical season. It is at this time of year that includes the most beautiful sunset, show that happens under the main postcard for the city: Hercílio Luz bridge with temperatures mild and pleasant during the winter - 17º C and 23 (and peaks at 28º C) ? You can enjoy the 42 beaches, right up to a nice swim.


Simple and tasty, the cuisine is the result ofof a combination of Portuguese and native table . The main elements are: fish and shrimp and how it could not be, cassava flour, which the colonists inherited from Azorean native Tupi-Guarani. Oysters, another gastronomic attraction of the city are developed on the island, since the region is responsible for much of domestic production, which is 70%. The sequence of shrimp dish that is not on the menu lack of tourists visiting Florianópolis.

The use of large amounts of seasonings green, strong dose of vinegar, salt and mix with fresh local food to give a unique flavor and delicious. (Source: Florianópolis CVB)

Check the link in the main restaurant in Florianopolis: http://www.guiafloripa.com.br/servicos/restaurantes.php3"


Urban Transport:
The Integrated Transport System of Florianópolis has six terminals that manage the integration of bus lines within the city. He was made ??to optimize the public transport, increasing the number of lines and times available.

There are three types of urban transport:

Integrated Transportation System - made up of six terminals Integration of town and lines of buses.

Transport Executive - lines of minibuses with air conditioning and no breakpoints set.

Water Transport - boats that make the journey Lagoa da Conceicao / Costa da Lagoa / Lagoa da Conceicao.

Land Tours and Transfers:
Here you will find several companies that provide this service: http://www.guiafloripa.com.br/servicos/traslados.php3


When night falls, another Florianópolis arises: The Partying Town. The resident of the island is bohemian and likes good food and music. Proof of this is that no option of nightclubs for every day of the week. The excitement focuses primarily on Lagoon, where several bars are located. There are options for all tastes: rock concerts, pop, forró, samba, pagode, blues, Latin music, among others.

The city also has excellent clubs - mostly in downtown and nearby neighborhoods - where thousands of young people gather on weekends to enjoy the best of electronic music and bands. Whatever the lineup, one thing is certain: those who come, fall in love and always come back!


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